How Anxiety Affects My Relationship

Gian has been so great in supporting me and being my rock for the past 5 years. He works his best to try to understand me and make sure that I feel loved and secure every single day. It’s just very little things that affects him every day, but he handles them well.

Some examples would be making him check out in a grocery store because thinking about the idea of talking to somebody makes my heart race. It calls for some tight hugs and comforts when it gets to the point of a breakdown and assuring me that it’s okay. He reminds me that he loves me every single day and that one sentence can give me so much comfort. When he has to work at night, he lays with me until I fall asleep because knows that I start to get anxious. If I ask him if he wants to go somewhere, he knows that I’m silently begging him to come with me because I don’t want to go alone.

And sometimes my anxiety gives me dark thoughts. I start to imagine him wanting to leave me because it’s too much to handle. Maybe he’s said “I love you” one too many times that it’s become an annoyance instead of a reassurance and truth. ┬áMaybe I asked him to stay with me too many times when he really had to go.

But the love of my life is still here, after 5 years. He’s still here. And in less than a year he’ll be my husband, and I know he’ll be here for me forever.


Time for Something New…

There are many reasons people want to start blogs. Whether successful or not, it’s a way to document important thoughts and memories throughout a person’s lifetime. My life can be seen sometimes as a normal, boring life. But as a young mom of a three year old and a one year old, there can definitely be some crazy times.


My beautiful daughter Alianna, 3 years old, is┬ácurrently in Preschool, about to start swim lessons, navigating our way through an asthma diagnosis, and as bright and cheerful as any threenager could be. Alianna’s favorite activity is to watch surprise toy opening videos. She enjoys them to the point where we decided to create a channel for her as well to express her interests. When it comes to musical interests, Moana is an all time favorite in our household.


My handsome one year old (soon to be two year old), Gianni, is extremely full of life. He dances all the time, says hello to anybody we pass, and is always smiling. His favorite activity would be playing with anything that involves water. He loves different textures and feelings, especially when it comes to food! While we strive on using utensils when eating, this little man would rather make anything a type of finger food.


I could not have been blessed with these amazing kiddos without my fiance, Giancarlo. Since 2012 he has been my biggest form of support throughout everything in my life. It is the best feeling to have someone who truly and deeply cares about you and wants the best for you. Our favorite thing to do together is play video games (mostly Nintendo), such as The Legend of Zelda and Fire Emblem. I feel it’s very important to have something you can do with your significant other that you both enjoy to keep bonding over the years and create more memories and experiences.


I am so excited to continue writing about my family and all of the ups and downs that we navigate through. I truly believe that all of the good experiences will outweigh the bad in the long run.