Tips For an Easy Labor & Delivery

It can be really scary and nerve wracking when you find out that it’s most likely time for your baby to come. There are so many things rushing through your head that you are trying to not worry about, but unfortunately it’s possible to not worry. You are bringing a new life into the world and it’s a scary feeling.

Here are some tips for having a smooth delivery:

  1. Try to have a birth plan or ideas in mind, but don’t expect it to go as planned. Think of your birth plan as your most wanted things to happen during the birth experience, but know that it can be impossible for it to go exactly as planned. Think about if you want to go all natural or receive an epidural. Prepare yourself that your doctor could possibly not be the one delivering your baby. Mentally prepare yourself that baby will most likely not be born on their due date.
  2. When your water breaks, it will feel different for each individual. Personally for me, it felt like I kept accidentally peeing my pants every 5 minutes. Some people have a huge gush of water. It’s usually a clear fluid and smells… different. But if you think your water broke, then it probably did and you should call your doctor.
  3. If you get an epidural, do not move. No matter how scared you are or how much it moves, really try to not move when that needle is near your spine. When I got my epidural it felt like a burning sensation about the size of a fist on my back where the needle was. Then I felt a shock go down one of my whole legs and it made my leg jump up. Then over the process of having the epidural I felt very cold and kept shaking even though I couldn’t feel anything below my waist. If you decide to get an epidural, they will have to also put in a catheter, so be aware of that!
  4. Try to walk around if you can. It may sound pretty cliche, but walking around will actually help the baby move down and help move your labor along so you begin to dilate.
  5. When it comes to pushing, one of my best forms of advice that I tell people is to not scream. Screaming or yelling will use up your energy that you should be using to focus on pushing. Even though it will hurt a lot and you will want to scream, try not to.
  6. Finally, when you are at the point where it’s time to start pushing, curl up into your stomach with every push as if you were trying to do crunches. If you curl up into your stomach, it’ll help naturally push baby down because you’re not allowing them to stay up if they’re sitting up high near your rib cage.

I hope these can help you make your labor and delivery at least just a little bit easier. Let me know if any of them work for you!