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Favorite Drink to Replace Sodas

It has been really hard starting a diet and trying to figure out what I am able to eat while still being healthy, especially since I love all kinds of soda. Pepsi is absolutely my favorite. So trying to find a zero calorie drink that still gives the illusion of a soda has been a little difficult.

But my favorite one I found so far is a Sparking Ice which is a Naturally Flavored Sparkling Water. It doesn’t taste exactly like a Pepsi would, but it gives that same fizzy feeling as if you were drinking a soda. And they are not too expensive as well (one bottle is $1.00).

Another benefit to the Sparkling Ice drink is that there are some vitamins and antioxidants already in it, so that can give me one less thing to worry about when thinking about what to have as a meal throughout the day.

My favorite flavors right now would have to be the Peach Nectarine and the Strawberry Watermelon. Let me know what your favorite flavors are or if you know of any zero calorie drinks that I may like during this dieting process! 🙂


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